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Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

YAY!!! That is exactly how I am feeling right now. I see myself everyday so I notice very slight changes. This picture comparison right here was cause to celebrate a little bit. I have to say that I am coming along on my journey. This right here is what it's all about. I do still have a long way to go but wow!! What a awesome transformation in just 4 months of living the keto lifestyle. I am so proud of myself and starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin. It has been a LONG, LONG time since I could say that I was okay with myself. Huge victory when I could fit in my old jeans a couple day ago!!! I am starting to venture back into my smaller clothes section of my closet, what a GREAT feeling!! At this point I am 4 months in and down 40 lbs. WHOOOO HOOOO!! I am on a roll and loving life!! I cannot wait to meet my goal. For the first time in many years I am not frightened of summer coming. I usually feel very uncomfortable when it is time to break out the summer clothes, there is nothing in the summer clothes wardrobe to hide the weight. I cannot wait for warmer weather instead of dreading it. Keep checking back for transformation updates and more success stories.