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Transformation Tuesday

I have been on this journey almost 6 months and down 72 lbs. now. I ran across this picture the other day and was shocked to see the difference that I had made.

One of my biggest things that I can remember before starting the journey was that my hunger was more in control of me than I was able to realize. I know that it may sound crazy but food was running a substantial part of my life.

Thinking back I remember packing my “lunch” which would consist of 2 or maybe 3 small meals depending on the day. I got in the habit of having to eat many times a day just to feel “normal”.

Fast forward 6 months and I am able to say that I'm still losing weight and in control of my hunger. I step on the scale each day and even though the weight may be a plus or minus. The trend is staying in a downward motion.

With the incorporation of Keto into my diet, I have been able to get started on my journey. I still have a ways to go but each day is one day more that I am in control and working toward my goal.

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