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How To Keto....

We have been asked many times what is Keto and how do I do it?  The simple answer is cutting carbohydrates which includes grains, pastas, and of course sugar from your diet. The Keto diet consists of a higher percentage of healthy fat, moderate proteins and very few carbohydrates. Macronutrients vary between these ranges:

60-75% Fat

15-30% Protein

5-10% Carbohydrates


When you are looking to lose weight you want lower carbohydrate Keto macros to keep your body in a fat burning state of Ketosis. Once you get to your goal weight you can focus on maintenance Keto. Maintenance Keto allows for slightly higher carbohydrates in your macros.  


It can sound hard but, your body does not need sugar to function properly. Your body is capable of producing the glycogen required to sustain you.


For optimal weight loss with Keto having a “cheat day” could cost you from 3 days to 2 weeks time to get your body back into ketosis.


If you are interested and think that this diet is for you, I encourage you to give yourself 2 weeks of strict Keto eating before you give up. You will be amazed how your body changes and your taste buds too.

To find your Keto Macros we recommend the Keto calculator below:

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