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Water drops.jpg

Water Drops

Looking to add some flavor to your water? Use these sweet drops. Tip: Take with you when eating out, order a club soda from the bar and squeeze a few drops of the sweet drops in the now have Keto pop!! 

Sweet drops.jpg

Sweet Drops

We use these to sweeten up our coffee. Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy. 

Better stevia.jpg

Better Stevia

We use this to sweeten our coffee or tea (just a few drops) can also be used for any recipe calling for liquid Stevia. 

cold pressedcoconut oil.jpg

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

This coconut oil we use for our bulletproof coffees and for making fat bombs.  Cold pressed is the most natural form you can purchase coconut oil in and does offers added health benefits over the refined. 

Refined coconut oil.jpg

Refined Coconut Oil

This coconut oil we use for cooking and baking. Tips add to your taco meat for added fat and fry your chicken up in it. It will crisp up nicely and is delicious. No coconut flavor as opposed to the cold-pressed

Macadamia nuts.jpg

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts these are a great on the go snack choice. They have a high-fat content and are super convenient. Keep some in your drawer at work for a quick fuel up when you need it. 

kerrygold butter.jpg

Kerrygold Butter

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is a pure form of butter not over processed or packed with additives. Available in salted or unsalted depending on your taste. We use this for cooking, baking, adding to eggs and steak, also for our bulletproof coffee

heay whipping cream.jpg

Organic Heavy Whipping Cream

Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. We also use this for our bulletproof coffee, cooking, baking, adding to eggs, etc. If you cannot find organic regular heavy whipping cream is fine too. This can be found in your local grocery stores by the milk. We go through a pint a week typically. 

Good dees brownies.jpg

Good Dee's Brownies

Best keto brownies we have found thus far. We have tried a few recipes that we have come across and nothing can touch these. Tip: Add a handful of chopped walnuts or sugar-free chocolate chips to the mix to send it over the edge. 

Good Dees PB.jpg

Good Dee's Peanut Butter Cookies

These are so amazing!! If you love PB cookies check these out! Amazing!! 2 thumbs up from us.

Good Dees Corn bread.jpg

Good Dee's Corn Bread

Corn bread - without the corn of course. Pair with your favorite keto chili or BBQ  

Gooddees pancakes.jpg

Good Dee's Pancakes

These are one of our favorite Good Dee's mixes.  We were missing pancakes until we found these. Tip: using the 10 pancakes serving size we make waffles out of this mix and it is out of this world. Mix according to the 10 serving size directions and add 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon to the mix. Cook in your waffle iron until they are just golden brown. They cook VERY FAST keep an eye on them. You will want to keep stock in this mix. 

Monkfruit Sweetner.jpg

Monkfruit Sweetner

Monkfruit Sweetener can be used in place of sugar.  


Swerve Sweetener 

Swerve Sweetener can be purchased in granular or confectioners. Amazon sells a bundle with both varieties. Granular can be used in place of regular sugar. Confectioners swerve can be used for baking, frostings, fat bombs. etc. 

Almond flour.jpg

Almond Flour 

Almond flour is a great item to keep on hand. This can be used in place of regular flour. We use almond flour for making Fat Head Pizza dough, Keto Cinnamon rolls, baking, breading, etc. 

Coconut flour.jpg

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour can be used for baking

Lakanto Choc.jpg

Lakanto Chocolate Bars

Lakanto Monkfruit bars are a nice treat when you are craving chocolate. Buy them from Amazon in a case. Tip: Chop or shave over some Redi Whip for a delicious Keto friendly sweet treat. 


Zevia (Keto Pop) 

Zevia can be ordered from Amazon in a variety case or purchased in a 6 pack at your local grocery store. We give this pop 2 thumbs up, very good. Our personal Favorites are Dr. Zevia, Black Cherry, Cherry Cola, lemon-lime and Grape. 

G Hughes sauces.jpg

G. Hughes Sauces

G Hughes sauces are out of this world. Sugar-free Ketchup and a variety or BBQ sauce flavors. They are so delicious. Top burgers or chicken on the grill. You will want to keep these sauces around. 


RAO'S Homemade  Pasta Sauce

RAO'S Pasta Sauces are yummy!!! They are the most Keto friendly sauces on the market. RAO's pizza sauce is great for Fathead pizza, RAO's marina is great for topping Skinny Noodles, Keto Lasagna or Spaghetti squash, or even zucchini noodles. Try the variety of RAO's sauces, you will not be disappointed! 

Thin slims.jpg

Thin Slims Bread

Thin Slims offers bread, buns, snack cakes and bagels that are low carb. Thin Slims can be purchased from Amazon or directly through the Thin Slims website. They also sell a bundle where you can try a variety of their products to see which you like best. We personally love Thin Slims Products TIP: Breads and bagels do not last too long so make sure you refrigerate upon receipt or freeze for later (they do freeze well). Use the bread for toast, grilled cheese, BLT's etc. 

Halo Top.jpg

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top can be found at most local grocery stores. They are very low in carbs and sugar, much lower than other leading brands of ice cream. We do not recommend eating these regularly, however, if you need a sweet pick me up these will do the trick without risking it all. TIP: check the label before buying! Some of the newer varieties contain higher amounts of sugar. Our personal favorites are Mocha Chip, Oatmeal cookie, and Vanilla bean. Great to top good dees brownie mix and make a delicious Keto brownie sundae. 


Smucker's Organic PB

Smuckers Organic PB can be purchased at your local grocery store. It is one of the lower sugar PB's on the market. If you love PB this will make a great snack for you. We like to whip up 2 Tablespoons of PB and 2 servings of Redi Whip (the kind in the can) makes a delicious PB mousse. YUMMY! 

Lakanto Syrup.jpg

Lakanto Syrup

Lakanto Syrup!! YES, it's real! Sugar-free Syrup.....SOOO GOOD! 

Lily's choc chips.jpg

Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips

So good!! These are very low carb and they taste amazing! We also use Hershey's Sugar-free Cholcate chips (whichever is cheaper). Keep these around for baking Keto friendly treats. TIP: Do not try to melt, for whatever reason they do not melt well. 

Quest nacho.jpg

Quest Nacho Chips

Quest makes a variety of flavors. They are a great crunchy snack. They are 4 net carbs per bag. We keep these stocked in the pantry for when we have a salty chip craving. These can also be purchased at some local stores by the diet items/protein bars. 

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