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How Keto has Changed our life

Hello, Let us start by introducing ourselves....I am Kristy and this is my Husband Chaz. We have been married for 14 years and have 2 amazing children. We met in highschool, fell head over heals in love and the rest is history. When we met (back in the day) we were both decently fit youngsters, active in school, always on the go. Through our dating years we probably indulged in foods that were not the best options, and exercise took a backseat to other priorities, life happened and we got busy. Less time focused on oursleves and more time spent working, buying and working on our first home, having our first child, struggling to keep up etc. I would say a little letting go of ourselves was cause for significant weight gain for both of us. Okay, yes maybe we are stress of us anyway. We have tried many "fad" diets, spent more money than we would like to admit on special foods, exercise programs, pills, exercise equipment (clothing holders) and so on. These would work for a period of time until we would tire of being hungry or spending ridiculous amounts of money for the products to keep us going. Trust me when I say that we were guilty of being yo-yo dieters. We are not getting younger and age has begun to take its toll on our bodies. We decided that it was time to get serious. We have 2 very important reasons to make sure that we do everything in our power to stick around as long as possible. 


Our Journey: 


I wouldn't exactly say that we started this journey together. I (Kristy) did not jump on board at first. I mean who lives without carbs and sugar right?!? I watched Chaz cold turkey change his eating habits, begin excluding carbs and sugar within his diet and kind of laughed and although so proud of him thought to myslef, there is no way I could do this diet. I am a carb loving girl. When I think of my dream foods they all include tons of carb goodness and loads of sugar. Well, let me tell you it only took a couple months of watching the weight melt off my man and I thought okay, okay, I might as well give this a go. Chaz was constantly sharing his extensive research about the Keto diet with me and bragging about his results I thought I am prepping all his meals anyways what the heck, I may as well give this a go. As I said I am a carb loving girl okay, seriously, when I thought about my next meal it ALWAYS included loads of carbs. I loved pasta, bread, rice, pizza.....yummmmm PIZZA! When I began my Keto journey I was was the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant.  YIKES!! That is seriously scary to say. I began this journey obese, 100 lbs. over weight. Yup, I said it. The only way to fix the problem is to admit my issues and commit to fixing them. I started this journey with a gallbladder that needs to be removed due to large stones, a hernia in my belly button, a pinched nerve in my lower back and numbness in my toes (stemming from the pinched nerve), and signs of fibromyalgia (not diagnosed). I am only 35 and felt like a 80 year old woman some days. After some serious self-reflection and much encouragement from Chaz I deiced that it was time for a lifestyle change. No more living in the moment and eating whatever I liked. It was time to get serious. I can tell you that as I am sitting here writing this blog I feel better than I have in a very LONG time. I am down 30 lbs, I feel years younger, healthier, and have more energy. You can do this too! Join me!! 



CHAZ: He started his Keto journey in October 2016. Chaz was type II diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease and severe sleep apnea. Wooo, typing that gave me chills. He was on Six (yes SIX) different medications that he was taking daily. Note that I said the word "was"....within 8 weeks of hitting Ketosis Chaz was off ALL prescription medications. Yup, read that last sentence again. You got ALL medications. Crazy right!! Okay so maybe I, was buying in a little by this point. Huge testimony I mentioned Chaz was type II diabetic, taking medication daily to help control his sugar. Even with the medication his sugar would run in the 300's. within the second month of his journey his sugar dropped and he stopped taking his medication (I would never say to do this without Dr. authorization) By week 8 his blood sugar was running 90-100 everyday without the medication. Trust me when I say I was making him check his sugar often. By week 9 he was down almost 50 lbs. and  off every single prescription. Ahhhhh!! Amazing right! Chaz was determined to spend more time with our kids and he refused to let himself get to a point where he needed insulin shots everyday.

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